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Global & Ecumenical

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SCSW Global& Ecumenical"I met Jesus in the people we met while I was in India."
Kris Rhude, India Youth Exchange Participant

Young Palestinian dancers from the Diyar Dance Theater
filled the stage at Synod Assembly.

Global & Ecumenical Relationships
Dancing their way across the stage at Synod Assembly and into our hearts, the young Palestinian dancers from Dar al Kalima school in Bethlehem, gave us a glimpse into their lives and the importance of our work together. Dar al Kalima school is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, with whom our synod has a history of deep connections.

Our companion synod, the Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, welcomes relationships to be build between high school youth as together in the India Youth Exchange they learn what it means to be a Lutheran Christian in another part of the world.

Relationships with neighbors don’t just happen all the way across the globe. Our ecumenical relationships with 6 other Christian denominations: Episcopalians, Methodists, United Church of Christ, Reformed Church of America, Moravians, and Presbyterians, show how we can work together, in partnership with Wisconsin Council of Churches and other organizations to do God’s work in our communities and the world.

One of our two designated partner synods in the ELCA is the Caribbean Synod, and many congregations in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin have developed meaningful relationships with congregations in Puerto Rico and beyond. Our other ELCA partner synod is the Slovak-Zion Synod, consisting of congregations in six different states, and connected historically and missionally to churches in Slovakia and Eastern and Central Europe.

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Sanchita KiskuGod Has Opened the Door
Sanchita Kisku is an International Leader scholarship recipient finishing her Ph.D. at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Sanchita Kisku is curious. She wonders why there are so few female leaders or pastors in her church, when so many women fill leadership roles in Indian tribal culture. “If you give leadership to women, the church will grow,” says Kisku. “How can women reclaim our tribe status as leaders in the church?”

This question is the focus of her thesis, which she will complete this December at the Lutheran School of theology at Chicago before returning to teach at Santal Theological College in India. Kisku is an International Leader scholarship recipient. Her scholarship was made possible by generous gifts from ELCA members, a giving opportunity now available through ELCA Global Church Sponsorship. She says her church, the Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church, and its companion, the South Central Wisconsin Synod, encouraged and supported her studies.

“The ELCA is listening to people around the world … They are doing God’s mission,” says Kisku. “God has really opened the door for me. It’s a privilege to study here.”

When she returns to Santal this winter, Kisku’s new knowledge and credentials will help the college gain status as a seminary, which will in turn build up more church leaders – especially women – who feel called to study theology in India.

“When I came to Chicago, I was swimming in the ocean. There was so much to know and to learn,” says Kisku. “This different way of teaching, to be open-minded and to learn from each other, has opened my eyes.” In 2014, your gifts to ELCA Global Church Sponsorship will help support scholarships for international Leaders like Kisku.
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Sanchita Kisku is an International Leader scholarship recipient finishing her Ph.D. at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

7 Ways to Support Peace in Palestine & Israel
Concern for peace is not an option for followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace. It is an essential and integral part of Christian discipleship. Jesus himself invokes a special blessing on Peacemakers in the Sermon on the Mount, calling them “children of God.” Click here for a flyer of 7 Ways to Support Peace in Palestine & Israel.

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