Lutherans United Assisting After Disasters (LUAD)

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LUAD invites YOU to join us
       in helping others in time of need

LUAD is Ready to Assist!
Lutherans United Assisting After Disaster of the ELCA South-Central Synod of Wisconsin is available to assist even if your situation is not a “declared” disaster. If one or more folks in your area are survivors of a disaster, LUAD is available to assist, but they cannot enter an area without a request from a local ELCA congregation. Such a request triggers a response that would include assistance to anyone in the area who needs it--not just one of your congregants and not just Lutherans. LUAD may be contacted at 608-233-8327.

Volunteers and Donations Needed NOW!
LUAD Report and Call for Volunteers
If you/your congregation are interested in volunteering, please contact President, Jim Stolzenburg at Tel: 888-237-0433 

Upcoming Council Meeting
April 18, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at Burke Lutheran church

Lutherans United Assisting After Disasters, LLC
LUAD is a group of ELCA congregations in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin joining forces to help survivors after disasters - fires, floods, blizzards, and tornados.

LUAD aims to offer services not provided by others. Shortly after a disaster strikes, police, fire rescue and others are quickly on the scene to assist. After the first response and before long-term recovery begins (perhaps months later), survivors are often in need with nowhere to turn. That's where LUAD comes in.

Churches Partner to Provide Services

When a congregation learns of survivors in need within their area, they first do their best to lend a hand. If the disaster is greater than a single church can manage, the pastor can contact LUAD or call the ELCA South-Central Synod office at 608-270-0201 to request help.

Members of the LUAD Council then work with the local congregation to find out more about the need and identify how we can best help. Services will vary. They could rage from clean up and basic repairs to pet rescue, a ride to the doctor's office, or emotional and spiritual support.

LUAD Newsletter for Volunteers
Click here to download the August 2014 issue.

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