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The purpose of LOPPW is to advocate for legislation and policies that are consistent with ELCA Social Statements, and address the root causes of hunger and poverty in Wisconsin. To learn more and get involved, visit our website at:, and the website for ELCA Advocacy at:
Lutheran Office of Public Policy
The Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin (LOPPW) is a ministry of ELCA Advocacy, and a partner with the
South Central Synod of Wisconsin.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27

The Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin (LOPPW) offers a ministry of advocacy as one of the many ways to answer the question of how to love our neighbor. Public policy and state budgets are moral documents that have a major influence on our communities. In response to God’s abundant grace in our lives we seek to have a voice about justice for our neighbors in the way that Old Testament prophets, Jesus and his followers, Martin Luther, and other church leaders have had. We respect differences in opinions and realize there is room for disagreement in positions we take, and we make decisions in collaboration with ELCA leaders. As best we can, in faithful response to God’s love, we engage people of faith in the ministry of advocacy for policies that support peace, justice and care for all of God’s creation.

LOPPW works in partnership with ELCA World Hunger and the six synods with congregations in Wisconsin. We choose public policy priorities that are related to hunger and poverty. We make decisions with input from six bishops and an advisory council that includes representatives from across the state, and also with reflection upon scripture, ELCA social statements, and other Lutheran teachings. Bishop Froiland is the representing bishop on the advisory council.

We are very pleased with our partnership with the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin. One of the highlights involving SCSW in the last year included our rally to address the problem of sex trafficking in Wisconsin. We are grateful that the rally was highlighted in one of the synod’s quarterly Walking Together: Faith for our Journey magazines:

LOPPW is part of the Better Choices Budget coalition with faith-based and secular nonprofit leaders. Another one of our highlights was a press conference at which Bishop Mary Froiland gave an inspiring message about the proposed Wisconsin State Budget. She was one of four speakers at this May 4, 2015 press conference:

ForumOver 40 people at an adult forum watching a video on children in poverty at Midvale Lutheran Church in Madison.

To get learn more and/or to sign up for Action Alerts please go to Please feel free to contact Director Cindy Crane at any time: 608-270-0201 Ext. 109

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