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The Synod's Malaria Team consists of the following individuals.ยท

The Rev. Sara Yotter, Assistant to the Bishop, South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
The Rev. David Natzke, Brooklyn Lutheran Church, Brooklyn
Diane Michalski Turner - Trinity Lutheran Church, Madison
Eleanor Siebert - Five Points Lutheran Church, Blue River

World Malaria DayWorld Malaria Day is April 25th!
The day to foucs on malaria world wide is April 25th. Our Synodical Malaria team is encouraging congregations to receive an offering for our ELCA Malaria Campaign on either April 22nd or April 29th. Malaria was once a feared disease in America. Around the turn of the 20th Century, the government took steps to eradicate the disease here, yet it wasn't until 1947 that malaria was virtually eliminated from the U.S.

Now the ELCA is working with Lutheran churches in Africa to help rid their countries of this dreaded disease. Malaria's most devastating effects are with children under five and pregnant women. There are three basic methods that we are using to fight malaria.

1. Providing mosquito nets which cost $10.00. (The nets are made in Africa to provide jobs locally and also an insecticide is applied to the nets before they are used.)
2. Providing for training of health care workers, pastors and Sunday School teachers who will then be able to administer the test for malaria and also to administer the drugs. The cost for the training is $300 per person.
3. Providing the drugs needed for those who have contracted the disease. The cost of the drugs is $.50/child and $1.00/adult.

Take part in launching malaria work in Liberia -- where malaria accounts for 30 percent of all deaths seen in hospitals -- by helping to raise $200,000 between April 25 and May 1. Find bulletin inserts, prayers, hymns, offering envelopes and more resources for worship services on April 29 at

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