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The Synod Council serves as the Board of Directors of our synod and serves as its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly. It may make decisions which are not in conflict with actions taken by the Synod Assembly or which are not precluded by provisions of this constitution or the constitution and bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Synod Council

The Synod Council is responsible for the governance and policymaking roles of this synod and for assisting the Office of the Bishop with implementation of the Plan for Mission. We exercise a fiduciary responsibility to you and this synod to manage our affairs. As a synod, we have dedicated ourselves to transparency in our work, inclusion of all people in our labor, and fulfilling the gospel in our proclamation. These 19 leaders represent the width and breadth of our diverse synod.

We are here to serve and we ask your prayers in our work just as we pray for the work that is before you in your context. We are ready to be your partners in fulfilling the Gospel for the sake of the world.

Synod Council Members
Please include the synod council in your prayers.

*Rev. Mary Froiland   Bishop
*Robin Cherwinka Vice President
*Mary DeYoung   Secretary
*Bruce Hutler   Treasurer
*Carolyn Butts  Member
*Jason Xiong Member
Caitlin Brown Youth Member
Jessica Guido Member
Matt Helmers Member
Alan Hines   Member
Rev. Kathy Jacobson Member
Rev. Lisa Nelson Member
Jim Schieble Lutheran Men in Mission
Sara Schultz Member
Helen Sheahan Women of the ELCA
Rev. Michael Short Member
Trevor Thom Member
Rev. Andy Twiton Member
* member of Executive Committee  

Ministry of the Synod Council
The ministry of the Synod Council includes functions
to which they:

  • Exercise trusteeship responsibilities on behalf of this synod.

  • Recommend program goals and budgets to the regular meetings of the Synod Assembly.

  • Carry out the resolutions of the Synod Assembly.

  • Provide for an annual review of the roster of ordained ministers and of other official rosters, receive and act upon appropriate recommendations regarding those persons whose status is subject to reconsideration and action under the constitution and bylaws of the ELCA, and make a report to the Synod Assembly of the Synod Council’s actions in this regard.

  • Issue letters of call to ordained ministers and letters of call to associates in ministry, deaconesses, and diaconal ministers as authorized by Chapter 7 of the constitution and bylaws of the ELCA.

  • Fill vacancies until the next regular meeting of the Synod

  •  Assembly except as may otherwise be provided in the constitution or bylaws of this synod, and determine the fact of the incapacity of an officer of this synod.

  • Report its actions to the regular meeting of the Synod Assembly.

  • Perform such other functions as are set forth in the bylaws of this synod, or as may be delegated to it by the Synod Assembly.

  • Give approval for calling assistants to the bishop by voting to call on the nomination by the bishop.


Contact the Synod Council
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