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ELCA World Hunger is transforming lives in Southern Wisconsin, throughout the United States, and in 60 countries around the world. This ministry is successful because it connects people to the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty into self-sufficiency. ELCA World Hunger offers relief assistance for people with immediate needs following disasters and partners with local organizations to develop sustainable solutions to poverty and hunger. We also urge our government to support legislation which protects our land and water and ensures all people access to food, water, education, shelter, and healthcare. The following stories are examples of ELCA World Hunger’s local and global initiatives.

Farmers' Market

Rick is a cattle farmer from Southern Wisconsin. Rick’s farm has been in his family for three generations - more than 100 years. Tragically, due to the drought this summer, Rick and his family were forced to sell all their cattle. Holding onto hope of restoring their farm within the next ten years, Rick and his wife are now looking for jobs in their community. Rick approached the ELCA World Hunger Table curious to know why the “church” was at the farmers market. After learning that we were promoting local agriculture as a systemic solution to hunger and poverty, Rick picked up a bundle of market bags and began to distribute them to market shoppers, telling people about the local and global work of ELCA World Hunger. Rick, who is Catholic, was moved by the mission of ELCA World Hunger and recognized that by living the Gospel together across denominational lines we will be more successful in our efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty.

Apply for an ELCA Domestic Hunger Grant!
Does your congregation or ministry setting have a hunger ministry that could use the blessing of an ELCA Domestic Hunger grant? The deadline to apply for ELCA Domestic Hunger Grants for 2014-2015 is July 17. Domestic Hunger Grants are funded by ELCA World Hunger and are available to all congregations! Grant projects are generally in one the areas of emergency relief, development community organizing or advocacy.

In 2013, there were three ELCA Domestic Hunger Grants awarded in south-central Wisconsin to St. Mark’s food pantry, Community Action Coalition and Middleton Outreach Ministry.

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Milly is a wife, mother and business owner in Katosi, Uganda. Many years ago Katosi was a village plagued by poverty. With very limited resources and no opportunities for employment the residents of Katosi suffered from chronic hunger and malnutrition. Seeking to change their situation, the women of Katosi applied for a gift of chickens from ELCA World Hunger. Benefiting from the chickens as a food source and a business venture, Milly’s health and financial security improved. Using her savings, Milly secured a micro-loan from ELCA World Hunger which allowed her to begin her tailoring business. The other women in the village experienced similar advancements in their situations. Pooling their capital together, the women formed a trust fund which, in addition to managing its own micro-loan program, has also installed wells and latrines throughout Katosi and made it possible for all the children to receive primary educations. Working in partnership with ELCA World Hunger, the women of Katosi broke the cycle of poverty, creating a landscape of opportunity and prosperity for future generations.

Further information on the Katosi Women Development Trust Group is available at:

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